• Principle 1

    Incorporate material ESG factors into the investment analysis, due-diligence, decision-making and monitoring phase

  • Principle 2

    Ensure that the fund and its investee entities comply with relevant and applicable ESG rules and regulations.

  • Principle 3

    Maintain high level of conduct within own operations and expect the same from investee entities.

  • Principle 4

    Engage in periodic dialogue with investee companies to manage ESG related risks and opportunities.

  • Principle 5

    Strive to improve the ESG performance, reporting and disclosure practices of our investments, to the extent possible, based on the nature of our influence on the investee company.

How we Monitor ESG


  • Confirm compliance with the fund’s policy and exclusion list
  • Early identification of key ESG issues
  • Plan Due Diligence (DD) process and allocate resources
  • Build common understanding with the company

Due Diligence

  • Assess the ESG risks & opportunities to allow the Fund’s IC to make an informed decision considering: (i) ESG factors, and (ii) the company’s and fund manager’s capacity to address risks and capitalize on opportunities

Investment Decision

  • Enable the fund’s IC to make an informed investment decision that takes ESG factors into account.

Investment Agreement

  • Secure and formalize commitments from the company to meet applicable ESG requirements including ESG Action Plans
  • Protect the fund from reputational/ financial and/or legal damage

Ownership & Monitoring

  • Guide/assist the portfolio company to ensure its ongoing compliance with applicable standards, implementation of the ESG Action Plan and improvement of the ESG performance


  • Evidence improved ESG Performance and linking it to company’s value
  • Engage with buyers on ESG and prepare reference materials
  • Ensure company’s ESG management system is self-sustaining