Fund II

Linux Laboratories Private Ltd

In Feb 2021, we made our first investment in TCHF Fund II by backing Linux Laboratories, a fast growing CNS focused domestic formulations company. Linux was established in 2007 in Chennai, India and today is the 10th largest Speciality Branded Generic NEURO - PSYCHIATRIC Pharmaceutical Company in India. Linux has a strong product portfolio of more than 70 Brands with total SKUs (Products) of 200 in number including niches like Neurology, Psychiatry & Cosmetic-dermatology. Our investment in Linux will enable the company to grow its existing brands, expand its therapies and enter new geographies including SEA and ROW

Atulaya Healthcare Private Ltd

Atulaya is a regional integrated (pathology and radiology) diagnostic company headquartered in Chandigarh, India. The company has 5 centres across Punjab, Haryana and J&K and is amongst the Top-20 diagnostic chains in India. Our investment in Atulaya Healthcare will primarily help the company become a market leader in the North West region of India by expanding its network in the region and delivering high quality diagnostic services.

Deeptek Inc

Deeptek offers Teleradiology and AI backed radiology image interpretation and reporting to diagnostic labs and hospitals. Founded in 2017, the Company is Headquartered in US, however, operations are managed through a subsidiary in Pune. Deeptek has more than 150 customers across India. Deeptek’s AI platform is endorsed by WHO & it is in the process for filing for USFDA approval. In March 2022, we made an investment in Deeptek to help expand the global operations of the company.

Anderson Diagnostic Services Pvt Ltd

Anderson Diagnostic Services, based in Chennai, is amongst the top 20 diagnostic services provider in India. The Company was founded in 2011 and it provides imaging and pathology diagnostic services through a network of 8 centres and 20+ collection centres across Tamil Nadu. It has a strong brand recall amongst patients and medical fraternity for specialization in oncology and in high end genetic tests for infertility. In June 2022, we made an investment in Anderson to expand their footprint across TN and adjacent states.

Mumbai Oncocare Center

In Jan 2023, we invested in Mumbai Oncocare Centre (“MOC”) an Oncology (branch of medicine that deals with management of cancer) & Hematology (Blood Disorders and Cancers) healthcare services provider for patients suffering with these critical ailments. MOC is the brainchild of four oncologists built with an intention to provide quality and affordable cancer care to the people of India. The genesis of MOC is based on offering the best in class medical interventions by highly qualified doctors, in a state of art facility coupled with seamless healthcare value added services for patients. Our investment in MOC will help the company scale to 50 centers and become the largest single specialty cancer chain in the country.

Sakar Healthcare Ltd

Established in 2004, Sakar (NSE: SAKAR) is a pharmaceutical formulations company focused on branded exports (>70% of sales) and contract manufacturing. The company manufactures products across dosage forms with injectables accounting for c.65% of the business. Sakar has 2 manufacturing facilities focused on general (Unit I) and oncology (Unit II) pharmaceutical product. The company has recently commenced operations at its state-of-the art backward integrated Oncology formulation manufacturing unit (Liquid and lyophilized injectables, OSD dosage forms and API block). In Aug 2023, we made an investment in Sakar through a preferential issue.

Apex Kidney Care

In Oct 2023, we invested in Apex Kidney Care (“AKC”), a comprehensive kidney care company providing world class dialysis at affordable rates to patients suffering from kidney diseases. Established in 2007, Apex was founded by a group of leading nephrologists in the country. Today, AKC operates 150+ dialysis centers across 8 states and is associated with 70+ nephrologists in the country.  Our investment in Apex will enable the company to grow its center network across the country and make high quality and affordable dialysis available to nephrology patients in the country.

Noble Plus

In Apr 2024, we invested in Noble Plus Pharmacy, a regional pharmacy chain with over 50 stores in Mumbai and Pune region. Noble Plus operates experience-based stores with walk in format managing close to 30,000 SKUs. The company operates with its own supply chain setup including warehouse, store fulfilment network and last mile distribution via a mix of owned and leased fleet. Our investment in Noble Plus, will help the company expand its store network and reach more consumers.

Orbicular Pharmaceutical Technologies

We invested in Orbicular in May 2024, a R&D focussed pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and licensing of complex generics formulations for global pharmaceutical markets across various niche dosage forms and advanced delivery technologies. The company has expertise spanning all formats of injectable formulations, injector device-based peptides, drug-device combination products, multiple formats of nasal and inhalation deliveries and complex iron colloidal systems. The company will utilize the capital for accelerating the development of product pipeline.