At Tata Capital Healthcare Fund, we believe that the opportunity to invest in accordance with a differentiated and focused investment strategy is predicated primarily on the macro themes of consumption and competency.

Domestic healthcare and life sciences consumption Focused on the Indian consumption story in healthcare and life sciences related businesses. We expect ~60% of TCHF II’s investments will cater to this theme.

Healthcare and life sciences competency Focused on leveraging India’s expertise in the healthcare and life sciences sectors to deliver products / services to the world markets. ~40% of TCHF II’s investments would cater to this theme.

Central to these themes, TCHF's focus is on investment opportunities in various sub-segments of the Indian healthcare and lifesciences sector, including but not limited to:
  • Pharmaceutical Products: Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product manufacturers, marketing and distribution businesses for domestic and export markets, innovators, vaccines and bio-generic players, allied pharmaceutical product manufacturers, including reagents, lab chemicals, packaging, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical services: Clinical and contract research services, manufacturing services, data analytical services, etc.
  • Healthcare services: Multi and single specialty hospitals, allied healthcare services (such as dialysis, eye care, wellness clinics, path labs, radiology, etc.), preventive health related programs (including gymnasiums, diabetic management clinics, etc.) and health management organizations which provide healthcare services such as nursing, physiotherapy, geriatric care, etc.
  • Healthcare IT: Product and service providers to the pharmaceutical and healthcare service sectors, including outsourced radiology management services, tech support and hospital information system (“HIS”) implementers, telemedicine and wearables, software and analytics, disease management and mobile based-healthcare solutions, etc.
  • Medtech devices: Medical equipment, implants, disposables, in vitro diagnostics (“IVDs”), orthopaedic and ophthalmic devices, imaging devices, stents, sutures, wound management products, radiology equipment, patient monitoring equipment, etc.
  • Healthtech: e-pharmacies, healthcare service aggregators, EHR, EMR, patient management services, etc.